Water Well Inspection Services

The inspections start with running multiple faucets to test production and look at pump run times. We evaluate the pressure tank and other components of the well to ensure they are up to code or at least code at time of installation.

Samples are taken from the kitchen sink for coliform bacteria, nitrates and nitrites.

If you have a buyer with FHA or VA financing please check to see if they require a lead test. Lead tests need to be scheduled so that the water has sat for a minimum of 6 hours and maximum 10 hours so we can take a first draw sample as required by EPA.

The well head is inspected to make sure caps and conduit lines are tight and well sealed.

As an affiliate member of the local real estate association we have access to the sentri-lock system for when the owner can’t be there.

Reports are submitted via email within 2-3 business days.